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What makes our services unique

Our company was founded in 2019 with a mission to provide specialized strategic design and multimedia services, in a constantly evolving digital sales landscape. We helped dozens of companies shift into interactive and multimedia presentation materials optimized for video conferencing at the onset of the pandemic, and have further evolved our approach to a wide variety of sales collateral. If you’re looking for a vendor to pair with your own internal marketing and sales team’s, adding rocket fuel to their own efforts, then you’ve found the right specialist partner.

We don’t stop at design, or even multimedia, we are your complete competitive sales and marketing PERFORMANCE BOOSTING partner. Our strategic specialists will help your team with competitive research, market analysis, identifying key decision-makers (aka: check-signers) and help your team establish a complete set of sales cycle touch-points, custom-built to attract and win your key decision maker clients. We are experts in blending decision maker intelligence & messaging with premium targeted creative collateral that improves sales outcomes. 

Finding quality freelancers, negotiating rates, managing their day to day progress, and processing their payments can be a huge headache and resource drain on your company. Also, most in-house teams whether sales or marketing driven, have other priorities and specialities that generally do not include the complexities of a truly thoughtful approach to sales collateral. This includes strategic approaches to using collateral to sell across every touch-point, copywriters & editors who understand sales collateral, design and multimedia experts well-versed in the technology stacks involved, operational experts who understand simple to complex sales workflows, and experience onboarding and training your team to use their new materials efficiently on a daily basis. No more  deficiencies, no more lost time, just efficient quality results… period. 

A typical design agency lacks focus and core socialization when it comes to the particular needs of your B2B sales collateral and most are not equipped to efficiently budget your materials. They offer a wide array of services requiring larger overhead costs in order to achieve all of their clients’ broader goals.  Sales collateral strategy and creation requires very specific talent resources and a deeper set of consultative experience. Our sole-focus is on solving the pitch and sales strategic, creative, operational, and enablement challenges your company faces: the more complicated the challenge, the better. 

What is the point of great sales collateral, or a killer messaging framework, if you key sales leads can’t easily manage, edit, or even deploy materials on a daily basis? Our approach includes the thoughtful creation of edit-able materials (where needed), clearly organized, labeled, and at-their-fingertips for use. This can even include our team creating your own personalized digital asset management system as well as training your team on it’s administration and upkeep. Whether it’s a basic edit-able PowerPoint deck, or a complex system of interactive presentations, video content, brochures, white-papers, etc.. our team enables your team to succeed with less waste, and greater market impact.

who are we?

Our story is your story

We started this company because at one point or another, we were you! Our team has spent close to two decades pitching television shows to networks, new business ventures to investors, and sponsorships to brands and agencies. We understand budget and time constraints, which is why our team is global, allowing us to gain greater cost & time savings we pass on to you, while also providing greater access to unique specialist talent. Our core HQ is located in Los Angeles, at the heart of global media arts and entertainment. We are storytellers, artists, technicians, and most importantly, consultants. 

We built Falkor Digital as a solution to the very challenges we ourselves faced as sellers.

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